Condensation Products

Who are we?

We have been trading exclusively within the preservation industry, and have huge experience in dealing with condensation and mould problems.

What is our aim?

To put it simply, our aim is to sell you the best, proven condensation control and mould control products available in Europe, to help you take charge of condensation and mould problems in your home.

See the range of top-performing products from British manufactures of Positive Input Ventilation systems (P.I.V).

The unobtrusive, affordable and economical units control and remove the problem of condensation at its source, dramatically improving the domestic

We have also launched a range of mould control systems incorporating Mould Remover & steriliser sprays and  Anti Fungicidal paint additives.

Environmentally friendly and safe for domestic use, they have been developed exclusively by PAM Ties.
Solving your condensation problem & mould problems doesn’t need to be a battle!

By taking advantage of our expertise and experience, you can be confident that you have access to the most advanced, effective and environmentally friendly products on the market.

Full details of all of the products and their applications are available on this website. Or if you have any questions simply call us on 01942 887920.

PAM Ties have been installers and stockists of nuaire products for many years and we keep large stocks of all the products available for sale on this site. So when we say we know what we’re talking about, WE know what we’re talking about!

Company Registration number

Did you know there is a minimum legal requirement to display your company registration number on your website!
Unlike some companies who don’t want you to look into their history, Our company registration number is 2640272.
 Please Note: We are a UK based company. We can deliver to anywhere in the UK with a postcode, and beyond in some cases.