Homedry Passive Air Bricks and core vents

The Homedry passive air brick ventilators are the ultimate in controlled passive ventilation. The specially coated filter material helps to reduce condensation, noise transmission and heat loss through the ventilation duct.

The heart of the Homedry filter is a thermal core that promotes the movement of damp air out of the property.

The cavity liner is constructed from high quality plastics to reduce the risk of cold bridging and provide increased strength and resistance to distortion.

Installation of the Homedry Air Brick Ventilator requires a 225mm x 150mm (double air brick) sized hole. The Air Brick Ventilator can accommodate a wall thickness up to 350mm.

Installation of the Homedry Core Drill Ventilator requires a 127mm core drill. The core drill & high rise ventilators can accommodate a wall thickness up to 300mm. Extension kits are available for walls of greater thickness.

Note: Homedry air brick ventilators are NOT designed to be used in a kitchen or bathroom in place of an extractor fan.
The Benefits are

Silent in operation
Fights condensation
Reduces cold draughts
No running costs
Environmentally friendly
The filter is easily removed for cleaning/replacing
Works well with other Condensation control systems

Where can I use them?

The Homedry ventilators are ideal for :

Increasing ventilation to bedrooms
Increasing ventilation to utility rooms
Increasing ventilation to garages – particularly integral garages (i.e. part of the house)
Tenanted or student accommodation
Upgrading existing air bricks
Many more applications

All Homedry ventilators are perfect for increasing the performance of a Drimaster or Flatmaster installation, particularly if the layout of your property is more unique, for instance you might have a ground floor bedroom extension or if a bedroom is not directly accessible from your hallway or landing.

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