The spores from which moulds and other fungi grow are always present in the air in houses.
These spores can germinate and grow over a wide range of temperatures, they particularly like the conditions found in houses this is usually between 0 degrees to 25 degrees C.

Moulds need 3 conditions to germinate and grow, these are

  • A Supply of Food Such as the residue from fingerprints, Starch found in wallpaper paste, Food or drink splashes or Pretty much anything that is organic
  • Oxygen – We can’t do much to control that!
  • Water – From Condensation / high humidity, a lack of effective ventilation or condensation forming on cold surfaces

Some mould spores can germinate at relative humidities as low as 70-85 per cent. If the relative humidity (the amount of moisture in the air) is over 70 per cent for long periods, moulds will grow and spread.

The type of surface and more importantly the extent to which it can absorb and retain water (or condensation) and whether it provides the three conditions mentioned are very important in how the mould growth will germinate, grow and spread.

The use of a Condensation Products Mould Control Pack will kill the existing spores / mould growth and sterilise the treated area.

After redecoration (using the paint additive in the pack) the treated area will prevent regrowth of any mould growth for upto 5 years