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£799.00 +VAT


A whole house PIV Unit – lean and green!

Not only does the EnviroVent PIV continuously disperse and displace air, providing a whole house solution for each dwelling, it also  has an intelligent pre-heater that is designed to temper incoming air during colder periods.

The heater pulses, ensuring a minimum temperature in the most efficient way possible.

The unit is guaranteed for 5 years and is completely maintenance free for this period.

The unit is designed to recover heat from solar gains in the loft and to redistribute heat evenly throughout the property, whilst having the windows closed allowing the occupant to cut down on space heating costs.

It comes with a stylishly designed diffuser leaving the occupant completely satisfied.

Small Hallways

If the hallway is too small for a diffuser, which is common in bungalows, then you can activate the option to split the supply between hallways and kitchen using the multi input model with two mini diffusers.  Cool, or what? 🙂

Written by dave