£267.00 +VAT

Welcome to our newest Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Unit!

Our new PIV unit, the PAMPIV+ provides continuous whole house ventilation using our well established positive input ventilation principle but with new advanced features (inc heat recovery mode).

Low energy, ultra-quiet fan/motor assembly.

Large, very long life (5 years plus) grade G4 filter.

Integral, multi-functional controls with wide airflow and temperature range settings which allow the unit to be “fine-tuned” to suit the individual requirements of a home and its occupants. These controls include:

(a) 8 unit settings to choose from to suit the size, layout, thermal properties and moisture production in the home.

(b) “Heat Recovery” mode function with adjustable trigger temperature and increased airflow settings.

(c) “Standby” mode function with adjustable trigger temperature setting.

(d) “Override Boost” mode to operate the unit at its maximum airflow using a hard wired switch for those times you need a boost

Small, discrete white plastic supply air diffuser which will blend well with any ceiling whilst perfectly distributing fresh filtered air.

Robust, lightweight fan casing construction.